Plant Morphology: An Activity Program

An introductory program for use in Therapeutic Recreation, Horticultural Therapy, Adult Education, and Youth Activities

This is a project currently underway. Please contact us at botanistae06492 (at) if you would like to be alerted to our progress.

The material will be presented in two booklets:

Booklet One: Exploring the growth and form of plants:  a six-week syllabus for beginner botanists of all ages

Booklet Two: Four botanical activities

Each booklet will include options for different ability levels, and resources for further reading.

Co-authored by Alan Eddy and Natalie Howe.

Each topic in Booklet One will contain:

Botany Lesson
Brief explanations about the growth and form of plants, and group inquiries based on plant material samples distributed to participants.  Intergenerational activities are included.

A participatory project that demonstrates the themes of the lesson.

Drawing Lesson
For example, tracing, copying, and free-hand drawing. There will be information on where further drawing lessons can be found for participants to pursue on their own.

There will be information on where additional video material can be found for participants to watch on their own.

Booklet Two will be entirely centered around activities and additional drawing lessons.

Additional resources for instructors and independent study use will be available online.