, Alan Eddy

Horticultural Therapy, photo: Alan Eddy

“Delightful to see him up to his elbows in potting soil.”
family member visiting Plants & Gardens Club at VA Medical Center

Between 1972 and 2011 I spent about 22 years as a therapeutic recreation volunteer with the elderly in skilled nursing facilities.  My initial thought was:  “we’ve got to find something better than bingo games and birthday parties.”  In 1976, I enrolled as an undergraduate student in the Horticulture Department of Michigan State University, and from then on my volunteer work focused on activities with potted plants.

This led to two quests: 

  • to keep the plants alive, and
  • to expand plant-related activities for deeper meaning and more enrichment. 

These two quests led directly to the two projects on this website: 

This site serves to promote the completion of these two projects.

To provide feedback to the originator of this site, send an email to
botanistae06492 (at)
(mnemonic:  botanist Alan Eddy at zip code 06492).

— Alan Eddy